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Still Looking for Volunteers!

GTFO is still looking for volunteers to fill shifts for Early Arrival. GTFO is a new core dedicated to safely managing traffic on the access road and up into the woods for Early Arrival and Exodus. Shifts are two hours…

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New Member Feedback Request from Conduct Committee

The Conduct Committee seeks to induct these 4 new volunteer members to help with its mission of investigating possible Code of Conduct violations in our community: Andi Keeley Derrick Harrington (Lavender) Jazmine Idakaar (Djaz) Zac Delagrange We solicit the comments…

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Volunteer for the Firefly Rangers!

Greetings Fireflies! Are you a calm and supportive influence, particularly in stressful situations? Do you have mediation skills? Do you want to be a friendly and helpful face, connecting people with resources as needed (for example, First Aid or other…

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SFTY3rd May 12-14 Registration is Open

Good morning everyone!

Registration for SFTY3rd 2017 is open. This year’s dates are May 12-14.

RSVP here.…/1FAIpQLSfRpBrOhjbJFB87j…/viewform…

When we receive your request, we will send you a link to purchase your ticket and confirm you reservation for attendance. There may be a delay up to a day.

Tickets are $10 and cover all food. BYO Liquid Refreshments. Tickets are non-refundable.


Past attendees confirm this is a training you actually want to attend. Why? What is SFTY3rd?

SFTY3rd is a training / social weekend for Firefly Safety Cores (Fire, Sanctuary, Rangers & First Aid) and other volunteers that may be involved in dealing with emergencies and events during Firefly.

This weekend is jam-packed with goodness and features core trainings, cross-trainings, ICS trainings, and more! New trainings are in the works for past attendees looking to further their skills.

It’s an awesome opportunity to get involved, get trained, and meet other volunteers who you may be asked to work with in an emergency or incident.

This is not a party weekend! It’s a weekend to learn, relax, and socialize with fellow volunteers.

More information and full schedule will be released soon here. Stay tuned.

This is not your only chance for core training. There will be local Boston trainings for all Safety Cores coming up in May & June.

Hope to see you this year!
– Your SFTY3rd Planning Team

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Ticket Registration OPEN for Firefly 2017

The Firefly Ticketing Team has been hard at work over the last few weeks updating all our documentation, tying systems together, generally making things a little easier for everyone this year, and we think we're ready! So head on over…

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Request to Review Firefly Gallery

Firefly Arts Collective maintains a public gallery of historical event photography that has been contributed by participants. Most of these photographs pre-date Firefly’s Event Recording Guidelines as well as recent unwelcome reminders that public content on the Internet is public…

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Call for Art Grant Reviewers!

Interested in helping bring art to Firefly? Want to help choose what kind of projects are funded for the event? This is call out to any of you who might be interested in helping to review the proposals for Firefly's…

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Call for New Event Leads

We are approaching planning season for Firefly 2017 and looking for new Event Leads to join our team! Ideal candidates have led a core or otherwise been involved in organizing burn-related events, and attended Firefly for at least 2 years.…

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Call for New Board Members

We are looking for a limited number of participants to add to the Firefly Arts Collective Board of Directors to fill positions vacated in the past year. The Board is responsible for the financial and legal obligations of Firefly Arts…

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LNT Quick Start Guide

LNT Quick Start Guide If nothing else, remember: Pack Out what you Pack In Other seriously useful tips: - Remove all extra wrapping and packaging from items before you get to Firefly - before you even pack the car, if…

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Deadline for Ticket Artwork is May 22!

Please submit your artwork to Tickets should be 4"x3" and contain the words "Firefly" and "June 29 - July 4, 2016". High quality PDF or JPEG, 600+ dpi and CMYK color preferred, if possible. Once again - the deadline…

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Art Car(t)s

Small art cars-- think "art carts" or "contraptions" or "small enough that two people can free it when it inevitably becomes stuck in the mud" --are welcome at Firefly! To help vehicles fit in with the general pedestrian feel of the event, some…

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Conduct Committee Year in Review

If you went to the open house on Sunday May 1, you got to (literally) poke at the Conduct Committee's Year in Review report, now published here. Take a read through and send feedback to If you're curious about…

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