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Firefly 2018 Financial Assistance Ticket Program

Firefly Arts Collective recognizes that the price of a ticket may represent a hardship for some participants.  Anyone needing financial assistance for their ticket is eligible to register for the Financial Assistance Ticket Program. Assistance with bus tickets is also available.

Some funds have been allocated from Firefly Arts Collective to support the program. All Fireflies can donate to support ticket assistance when purchasing their ticket.

How to Apply

When registering for a ticket, Fireflies wishing to participate in the Financial Assistance Ticket Program should email  Please state that you have a financial need which would prevent you from participating, the name under which you have registered, and the amount you are able to pay for your ticket and bus ticket if applicable.  No other documentation is required or requested.

The FATP committee will send each participant a code which will enable them to purchase their ticket for the price they are able to pay, if the budget allows, when they receive a ticket offer in the usual fashion.

Program Budget

This program has a limited budget. One dollar for each ticket sold in 2017 is allocated, for an initial budget of $1160, about 14-½ tickets.  In addition, when purchasing your ticket, any Firefly may include an additional donation earmarked for this program. Donations not used to provide assistance in 2018 will be carried over to 2019.

If the total amount of financial assistance requested is less than the budget, all Fireflies who request assistance will receive it. Any additional funds will be allocated to those who request financial assistance after the initial ticket lottery, or carried over to 2019.

Should the need for financial assistance exceed the budget for the program, Fireflies will be chosen at random until the budget is exhausted. The random selection is need-blind–the amount of assistance requested does not have any bearing on whether or not a Firefly is chosen. Those not chosen for assistance will receive it should Fireflies donate sufficient funds to the program when purchasing their tickets.  FATP recipients who cannot participate in Firefly and return their tickets for a refund will also return assistance funds to the Program budget

After Firefly, the Financial Assistance Ticket Program committee will publish aggregate statistics for the community, detailing the number of participants receiving assistance, the total amount of the assistance requested, the number of donors to the program and their total donations, and the amount of unused assistance funds, or shortfall in terms of unfulfilled requests.

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