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11 Volunteers Needed for On-Call Logistical Sanctuary Roles

Firefly is the amazing event it is because of the innumerable ways people contribute their time, small and large, and we Sanctuary Co-Leads are so grateful for all of you signed up for shifts. I’ve heard quite a few people say a Sanctuary volunteer “saved my Firefly experience”, or even “saved me”.

To provide support for those volunteers, Sanctuary has the Logistics Supervisor role, but 11 of those shifts are not filled, and we need your help finding people for them. We hope you’ll reach out to a friend who might be interested, perhaps that friend who loves helping behind the scenes but thought Sanctuary roles were only about supportive listening.

Logistics Supervisors will:

  • Assist other Sanctuary volunteers who have questions about policies and resources (the Co-Leads will train Logistics Supervisors to be able to do this).
  • Shifts are 12hrs wandering on-call; they should not expect to be working that whole time, but rather to be called in 1 – 3 times. If they go to sleep they will set their radio to a channel that is only used when someone needs to be woken up.
  • Attend the Volunteer Core Leads meeting that happens daily at 1 PM, and get to see how Firefly is run behind the scenes.
  • Optional: If a Logistics Supervisor wants to offer their support to Sanctuary visitors, they can tell the volunteers on Support Shifts to offer this.

We are also still looking to fill 10 Subject Matter Expert shifts, and we are 8 shifts short from having the ideal of 2+ people on each 4hr Support shift. For more information on those roles or anything else about Sanctuary you can visit but if you don’t find the answer there please email us at

All the best,
Sanctuary Co-Leads 2019

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