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2016 Art Grants Funded

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The Temple Grant, the Ivory Grants, and the Creativity and Legacy grants have all been awarded!

In total, this represents $11,500 going to artists to make art for our festival this year (so far!). Stay tuned for our upcoming Burner Exchange (BEX) Grants, and the pilot program of a new grant type: skillshare scholarships, designed to help community members learn new skills to create art.

For our regular grants, we received a huge number of amazing proposal this year. For Creativity/Legacy grants alone, we considered over $17,000 in proposals for $7,500 in budgeted funds. Wow! Big shoutouts to everyone who submitted a proposal, and to the volunteers on this year’s judging committee for their heroic efforts. This is going to be an amazing year for art in the woods.

Congratulations to the following funded projects:

The Temple of Arbitrary

Genie Lamp

Camp Blue Screen of Death’s Lie-Fi Not-Spot
Community Sand Mandala
Disco Hall Of Fame
Ethereal Windows
Peepers Not Creepers
Power & Influence
Reflection Tree
Rose Windows
The Caterpillar Lounge
There is no Default World
Whirlwind Inferno
Witch Lights
Woven Forest

Color Drops

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