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Firefly 2016 Dates & Ticket Info

Firefly will be held Wednesday, June 29 through Monday, July 4 in Vermont.  It’ll be the largest Firefly ever!  (Just a few more participants than 2015.)

Unchanged from last year:  Tickets cost $80.  Parking passes are $30 per car, and bus tickets from Boston are $45 round-trip or $30 one-way.

Ticket Registration & Lottery dates

Registration for the Firefly ticket lottery will open on 15 March!  Get your registration in by 31 March and you’ll be entered in the ticket lottery on 9 April.  Registrations arriving after 31 March will go on the waitlist.

We’ll be collecting ticket waivers (and ARTifacts) by mail again this year.  Fireflies sending in mail resulted in fewer ticket returns in 2014 and 2015 than previously, speeding waitlist flow, and the waitlist was clear (barely!) when the event started both years.

More detail coming soon, or you can email with questions.

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