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2019 Art Grants proposals due Thursday 1/31

There are only a few days left to submit entries for the Firefly 2019 Temple and Moonshot Grants! Let’s take a look at the submission board and see how many Temple ideas we’ve got so far:

Current Temple Submissions: 0

If you’ve ever thought about creating a Temple for Firefly, now is the time, and with our new accelerated schedule and higher budgets you’ll have more resources than ever to plan and prepare something great. Remember, if you don’t apply we’ll have to go with our Emergency Temple Design entitled “A Pile Of Sticks Leftover From The Bug Build”*.

Submissions are due January 31st.

Moonshot Note: If you previously submitted a Moonshot Grant over email, please resubmit using the Art Grant Portal linked below!

Apply here

* This is a joke — we’ve never had to formulate an Emergency Temple Design… yet!

–Your Friendly Neighborhood Art Grants Core

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