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Body, Mind, Spirit opportunities with Altaer

From Brad of the beautiful Altaer space:
Dear Artists, Teachers, and Healers interested in hosting events in Altaer this Firefly 2017: Claim your spot NOW!  Altaer was a great success as an Art Grant Recipient event space last year; amidst the tranquility of the water shrine… and we are doing it again!
We had Martial Arts, Yoga, Meditation, Cuddles, and even a little kink ;P
Altaer is a combination of words: ‘altar’ (a place of focus) and ‘alter’ (to change one’s self).  Events should have a Mind-Body-Spirit focus.  
If you are interested in hosting an event of your own, please let Brad know by filling in a slot on the schedule sheet:  
P.S.  Very important!  We are also in need of extra hands for set-up and take-down. It’s not too difficult especially with a lot of helpers!

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