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Call for New Board Member Candidates for Firefly Arts Collective

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We are looking for motivated participants to add to the Firefly Arts Collective Board of Directors to fill positions vacated in the past year. The Board is responsible for the financial and legal obligations of Firefly Arts Collective Inc. The Board is also responsible for planning the long term development and growth of the organization. Board members are expected to attend monthly meetings (physically in the Boston area one it is again safe to do so, electronically until then) and contribute several hours of work per week on a year-round basis.

Through the new Board candidate process we wish to further increase the diversity of our organization, both in terms of demographics and ideas, to best represent both our Firefly community and the surrounding artistic and cultural communities from which we draw. We welcome suggestions of participants to include in this process, and greatly appreciate community support in outreach and encouragement.

Other qualities we’re looking for in Board candidates include the ability to execute projects from beginning to end, ability to participate in consensus decision-making (and the cooperation that entails), showing initiative on new projects, being actively involved in the Firefly community, and having attended at least one Firefly in the past.

To learn more about the specific responsibilities of Firefly Board Members, please review our Bylaws.

If you have interest in contributing to Firefly at this organizational level, please fill out this Application for Board Membership.

Responses to this application will be shared to the Firefly Planning team, which consists of Core, Cluster, and Committee leads in good standing (past and present) for voting and feedback. If there are any responses you wish to be kept confidential to the current Board of Directors, please note this in responses or email us at

After you fill out the form we will reply to confirm receipt and may get back to you with some follow-up questions. We may invite you to attend a meeting to chat more about your responses and let you learn more about how we operate. Once we’ve had a chance to review all responses, votes, and Planning Team feedback, we will solicit public comment on both final candidates and currently sitting board members.

The Firefly Board of Directors is relatively small to keep discussion and consensus-based decision making practical. Any candidates who we are unable to invite to join the Board will be considered as future vacancies arise, and we will also send out this request for expression of interest on a regular basis.

We’re very excited to get new participants involved with the Firefly Board! Beyond the yearly Firefly camping event we would like to expand the year-round activities of Firefly Arts Collective. Firefly continues to collaborate with Somerville Open Studios and Figment Boston to bring more community art to our cities, and we are exploring other opportunities to engage more deeply with our larger home communities. We look forward to hearing from motivated participants with the time and energy to help expand and organize our community!

The Firefly Arts Collective Board of Directors

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