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Deadline for Ticket Artwork is May 22!

Please submit your artwork to
Tickets should be 4″x3″ and contain the words “Firefly” and “June 29 – July 4, 2016”. High quality PDF or JPEG, 600+ dpi and CMYK color preferred, if possible.

Once again – the deadline is May 22, by the end of the day. We are planning to get it all done early this year!

For  the past two years we were able to use ARTifacts submissions as an extra source of great ticket artwork. With the announced changes in the registration and ARTifacts format this year, we are going back to requiring that all ticket artwork submissions are sent in directly to
One particularly exciting aspect of making tickets out of ARTifacts was that we were able to use so many “physical”, non-digitally created pieces. Ticketing Core volunteers have scanned some great drawings, paintings and all sorts of other hand-made objects that looked great printed – last year there was even one super sleek metal piece! We’d like to keep this trend going. So if you have a design that you’d rather submit in a physical form – please contact us at the address above. And we’ll arrange obtaining it from you, and scanning and turning it into a printable ticket face.
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