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Firefly 2022 Art Grants are open!

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The Firefly 2022 Art Grants season has officially begun!

Important Note: We are aware of and following the ongoing discussions around post-Covid funding ideas. At this time we are not announcing any changes to existing Art Grant policies or scope.

Temple Grant: up to $2000

The Temple Grant supports the creation of the Temple at Firefly Arts Festival each year. The Temple aims to satisfy both civic and spiritual needs by creating a revered gathering space at Firefly. While the Temple should be spiritual in a general sense (and true to the spirit of the event), it is not intended to be a religious symbol, and overtly religious tones should be avoided. The Temple is placed in the field, and provides a space for Fireflies to seek quiet contemplation and introspection at the event. It is of the utmost importance that the Temple defines a physical (and emotional) space; that said, it does not have to be a traditional shelter or building. It is traditional for the Temple to serve as a place for participants to leave offerings, and the structure will be burned on the final evening of the event. A single Temple Grant is awarded for up to $2000.

Submissions Due: 02/20/2022

What about the other grants?

Our usual grants (Creativity, Legacy, BEX, Skillshare, and Smol) will be launching soon. Stay tuned!

How to submit?

Via the Art Grant Portal:

Please sign up again for 2022 (old accounts have been archived) so that we have your most current information on file.

What to know more about Firefly Art Grants in general?

See our page on the Firefly website. Warning: under construction! Most of this information is still out of date but we wanted to get things rolling for 2022.

Other questions?

Email us:

Firefly Art Grant Core

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