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Firefly Art Grants: Temple + Crystal due in ONE WEEK! *More Submissions Needed*

Submissions for the Temple and Crystal grants are due in ONE WEEK (3/13).


Want to submit a temple idea but worried you don’t have the team to do it? We can help! If your concept and team are not fully formed, the art grants core is happy to aid a winning applicant in finding folks to help build. The temple is super important to Firefly! Be one that makes it happen!


Detailed grant information is available here: Firefly Art Grants Overview

March 13th: Temple + Crystal
March 27th: Creativity + Legacy
April 3rd: BEX + Skillshare

Have a grand idea that doesn’t fit into our tiers? Let us know:!

Submissions are handled through the Firefly Art Grants Web Portal. If you signed up in 2016, your accounts are no longer active. Please sign up again so we are sure to have your most current information on-file!

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