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Firefly Coffee Kitchen!

Fireflies: there is a Firefly Coffee Kitchen! “For when you’ve woken up for your volunteer shift and you need that little boost!” We brew coffee all day, and long into the night.
We are located at the top of the hill near the Steam Bath Project. You are invited to visit the Coffee Kitchen to enjoy coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. We also have wash basins if you need to do dishes, and a stove if you need to cook (BYOPP: bring your own pots & pans)!
A few caveats:
  • Bring your own cup!
  • Visitors are responsible for their own MOOP! The “dish-washing station” is just some bins of water. It cannot accommodate solid waste, so clear all your food into your own trash container before coming to do your dishes at the kitchen.
  • The kitchen cannot accept any trash.
Finally: if you are onsite Tuesday at 12 noon, we need your help to raise the Coffee hut!
–Ben & Terry
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