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Firefly Open Stage: Cool Happenings!

Movies. Music. Twerking. Animation. Stories… Check Out the Cool Happenings at Firefly’s OPEN STAGE. And ADD YOUR FUN.

The Firefly Open Stage has as a lot of cool happenings scheduled, AND there is still plenty of availability for your own awesome contributions. So far, we have…

  • An immersive horror movie (EVIL DEAD II!)
  • Piano improvisations
  • Guitarists/songwriters
  • Bluegrass and Banjo music
  • Lullabies and story time to help you sleep (or wake up)
  • The PowerPoint Club to inform us and improve our presentation skills
  • A Twerkshop and Burlesque Roulette
  • Blindfolded Contact Improv
  • Live electronic music
  • * Animation


The Schedule and general hours are divided into hourly blocks, but if you need more time, just say so in your submission. If you are interested in using the Stage during hours not listed, you can request that too!

Firefly Open Stage is improved every year to make performances easier than
before. Spread the word on what we’ve got!

  • Prominent location, visible from the big path.
  • Stage and audience are protected from weather.
  • Equipment includes a full sound system, assorted mics, lighting and power access for your equipment. More details on the Schedule page.
  • Stage is not staffed, but Art Support Kamp is nearby. Bring your awesome!

NOTE: Stage Dimensions 16′ across the front edge, 12′ across the back edge, 12′ deep.


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