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How to photograph at Firefly

Things can get radically weird and exploratory at Firefly, and there’s a lot to glimpse. Fireflies expect to not be photographed without explicit consent in this environment – and responsible photo sharing etiquette is taken seriously. Respectful photography is welcome, and there is plenty of it at the Firefly website; which we love for folks to contribute to (more on that below).

If you plan to use a camera – do read our guidelines on photography and image conduct.

Got pics that show the best of Firefly? Consider uploading them to Firefly’s photo gallery for posterity.  It’s a less web indexed, less creepily-personal-info-tagged alternative to facebook!

Got photos & videos of Art? Please consider submitting them to Firefly, it’s a nice gift to the artists who could always use more pics of their work.  We’ll have a way to do this after the event.

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