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It’s the Ice Hole! It’s happening!

Refilling your coolers with ice at Firefly will once again be possible thanks to the glory of Mike, Founder and CEO of Mike’s Ice in Rutland, VT. Would you like to be one of the proud many who make fresh ice refills available throughout the event?


Q: What is Ice Hole?
A: It’s a series of deliveries of fresh, local, artisanal ice from a local vendor directly to the Firefly site.

Q: What do you do with the ice?
A: We give it away to Firefly participants so they can fill their water bottles and coolers with fresh ice, thus slaking their inevitable thirsts and preserving their foods.

Q: How much does the ice cost?
A: It’s free on site to participants, but it costs $1/bag. That’s why we raise money in advance, to pay for the ice that we give away on site.

Q: How much should I donate?
A: You can donate as much as you like — enough to cover the ice you plan to use at the event, enough to buy additional ice for others, enough to make it likely that there will be frosty blender drinks being passed around.

Q: How can I volunteer to help with Ice Hole on site?
A: We absolutely need help with unloading the ice from the truck, carrying ice up the hill for people who need ice but can’t go get it at delivery times, and keeping an eye on the ice reservoir to make sure it’s wrapped up and clean.

Q: Can you tell me more about the minute details of the ice business?
A: With pleasure! The ice comes in deliveries of 200 bags at a time, and in the past we’ve averaged about 1-2 deliveries per day between Tuesday and Friday of the event. As a general rule, no one at Firefly seems to want ice on Saturday. We can’t typically get more than two deliveries per day because our ice vendor is usually busy, so the max amount we should raise is about $1600

Q: Where do I donate?
A: Go Here

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