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Want ice in the woods? ICEHOLE is ready for you!


5-lb bags of ice will be available to pickup at Firefly, thanks to the IceHole project and your pre-event donations.

How it works:
Money was raised collectively toward the ice fund.  It is OK to take ice if you don’t donate.  To ensure you get ice, show up at delivery times.  Volunteers welcome.

Location of Ice Hole:
•  Upper Parking Lot across from Porta Potties
•  A Blow Up Pool covered with mylar, under a Pop-up Tent
•  There may even be signage!

Times of Delivery on July 4 – July 7:
•  Tues 4th — 3pm
•  Wed 5th — 9am and noon
•  Thurs 6th — 9am and noon
•  Fri 7th — 9am and noon
*times may change, and times will be posted at IceHole during the event.

Volunteer Opportunities:
• Set Up on Tuesday around 9am
• Showing up at Ice Hole at delivery time and helping to unload ice from the truck
• Break down (not sure exact time and day but either when the ice is gone or no later than Sunday 10am)

Where to Donate:
• UPDATE:  We did it!  Ice Hole donations are closed, no need for more.  The community raised enough for a second delivery on Friday (if needed).  AND, some infrastructure updates.  You guys rock!  See you in the woods…

Any leftover money will be donated to a good cause. Most likely the Bethel Food Bank.

Thanks everyone (and especially Abby Howell for starting Ice Hole)!

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