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Mama and Baby Hawks at Firefly

It appears that a mother hawk is guarding an active nest in one of the Firefly camp areas this year: the site usually used by Cabana Hammock.  The area has been cordoned off – both to protect the hawk and its fledglings, AND to prevent participants from being attacked by the bird.  Hawks are powerful raptors; they can and do attack, and this one has been screeching warning threats to anyone who approaches.  Children, drunkards, or service animals could earn a new injury (or nickname) if they wander into the Cabana-Raptor zone.

Birders, bring your binoculars!  We could use some species identification and info on how far along the fledglings are.

A nest viewing station or wildlife info project would be most welcome outside the cordon (tripod and scope? binoculars? duck blind?) …this writer has no such expertise, but feel free to try us at if you seek coordination for your project, or to stump us with bird logistics questions.

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