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New Leadership Roles at Sanctuary! Sign up Today!

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Sanctuary is looking for folks with backgrounds in psychiatric support to help make a better Sanctuary for all those looking for a safe and non-judgemental space during Firefly.
These include:
  • Medical Liason – You’ll ensure Sanctuary people are trainied properly on WHEN to call for medical support and how
  • Peer Advocacy Liason – You make sure folks going through complex scenarios have what they need
  • Psychiatric Liason – You’ll make sure emotionally drained and struggling Fireflies have the support they need
  • Sanctuary Infrastructure – Make Sanctuary beautiful, manage inventory, ensure we leave no trace, and confirm power requirements are met
  • Sanctuary Training Coordinator – We have 3 trainings that begin in March, and many folks involved. You’ll help make sure everyone gets signed off on the all the needed materials.
Interested? Email us at
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