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New Member Feedback Request from Conduct Committee

The Conduct Committee seeks to induct these 4 new volunteer members to help with its mission of investigating possible Code of Conduct violations in our community:

  • Andi Keeley
  • Derrick Harrington (Lavender)
  • Jazmine Idakaar (Djaz)
  • Zac Delagrange

We solicit the comments of the entire community about these participants–please share your feelings and experiences relating to their serving in this sensitive and important role.

Please send your feedback to or any of the individual members listed below no later than May 30. An introduction to the role of the Conduct Committee is available on our website.

Thank you,

Dan Snyder, Darren Torpey, Emile Daigle, Ike Feitler, Sadiya Akasha, Sage Kochavi

(the Firefly Conduct Committee)

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