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Placement Brunch and Placement Applications Due

Placement Brunch is this Sunday!

Art and Theme Camp Placement applications are due this WEDNESDAY!

This is a reminder, you have just 2 days remaining to submit your Placement forms for any Art or Theme Camp that you want to reserve space for (or have listed on the event map). We’ve only received about half of the expected number of entries so far, so some of you should stop procrastinating 🙂

Here’s the link to the questionnaire:

Placement Brunch is at Noon next Sunday, June 9 at the Firefly site. We need your placement representative’s contact info to send out directions. They also need to register (under their name) to attend Placement in advance through the Work Weekend signup here:

If you have special placement needs not covered by the form, or have other placement-related concerns, please email

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