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Stage, now with more radical self reliance!

Hi everyone!

We’re trying something new this year with the audio system at the Firefly Stage (located next to medical and ranger HQ). This year we’re simplifying the audio system so that everyone will be able to run sound for their own stage slot.

Yay radical self reliance! Don’t worry though, we’re not just going to throw you to the bears. If you want amplified sound for your stage slot come down to Art Support Kamp (A.S.K.) next to the stage anytime Tuesday – Saturday between 10am and 4pm and we’ll show you the ropes. It’ll only take 15-30 minutes and you’ll have a new skill! For those of you who are interested, we’ll be using a Makie DFX-6 mixer. I promise it’s easier to use than you think.

ManualsLib › … › Mixer › DFX6
MACKIE DFX-6 OWNER’S MANUAL Pdf Download. – ManualsLib

*If you want sound for your stage slot you MUST get checked out at A.S.K. first!*

We also ask that everyone review “A letter from Sound Core”

If anyone is unable or particularly uncomfortable running their own sound please email or reach out to Spencer or Matt (Spider Monkey) camped at A.S.K. during the event and there’s a good chance we’ll be able to schedule someone to be there.

Thanks for your cooperation and a big Thank you from your Friendly Neighborhood Sound Guys™ who greatly appreciate the opportunity this gives them to see the rest of Firefly beyond the stage!

Stage Co-lead

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