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Temple Grant Application Deadline Approaches!

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Greetings from Art Grant world! We have a couple of missives for you all:

The Temple Grant Application Deadline Approaches

This is a reminder that the deadline for Temple Grant applications is coming up! Your last chance to submit your proposals is the night of 2/12 (the portal closes at 2am). There isn’t much time left, so if you have a vision, please share it!

Check out the details on Temple Grants here and use this web portal to submit your stuff.

We Need More Reviewers

We’re also on the hunt for more folks who want to be a part of the grant process. You will get to:

  • Read about people’s art!
  • Give them money!
  • Hang out with us (virtually)!

There are a number of different grants to review, and you can sign up for any (or all) of them you want to be part of. For each grant, we’ll have two 2-hour meetings from 7:30-9:30 on Thursdays. You’ll need to come to both of them, and budget enough time each week for you to read through all the grants and place votes ahead of the meetings so that we can discuss it together.

To see what blocks are available and to sign up, use this web portal.

Happy Art Granting! See you on the portal 🙂

What to know more about Firefly Art Grants in general?

See our page on the Firefly website. (

Other questions?

Email us:


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