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Temple and Moonshot Extended Through Sunday; Creativity is OPEN!

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Heyyyyy Fireflies!!

There is less than one week left to submit entries for the Firefly 2020 Temple and Moonshot Grants! Let’s look at the tally so far…

  • Current Temple Submissions: 0
  • Current Moonshot Submissions: 0

If you’ve ever thought about creating a Temple for Firefly, now is the time! Remember, if no one sends us a temple proposal we’ll have to… do… something. It wouldn’t be great! Please apply!

We are extending the deadline from Friday 1/31 until Sunday 2/2 in order to give folks a little bit more time to polish off those submissions.

And don’t forget, Creativity Grant (Early Round) applications open NOW and due Feb 16! :O

Art Grants Info:

Please submit using the Art Grant Portal:

Any questions? Email

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