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Ticket Registration OPEN for Firefly 2017

The Firefly Ticketing Team has been hard at work over the last few weeks updating all our documentation, tying systems together, generally making things a little easier for everyone this year, and we think we’re ready!

So head on over to, set up an account for yourself, explore the volunteer opportunities (and sign up!), and then click on the blue “click here to register for a ticket” link at the top.

No special password you can’t change, no separate registration for the two systems, no forgetting to sign up for volunteer shifts (yes we mean all of you)!

Everything else is the same as last year:
– 2 weeks to register
– must be registered and waiver mailed in by the 15th to be in the lottery
– lottery on the 22nd
– entry to the event by comparing a gov’t issued ID against a list at the gate

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