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The Early Arrival Application and Vehicle Access

Looking to arrive early for Firefly to set up art, theme camp, or volunteer for an early shift? Do you need access to the woods for a vehicle? The 2019 Early Arrival application is now live!

Vehicle Hill Access for Early Arrival and Exodus

There is a new process this year for registering your vehicle for hill access. The GTFO Vehicle Registration information is now a section within the Early Arrival application. We did this to streamline the process and reduce the amount of forms that people need to fill out.

***Pay attention for separate confirmation emails because it’s possible to receive Early Arrival approval as an individual, but have your Pinto rejected by GTFO.***

If you recently used last year’s link for GTFO Vehicle registration, you will need to include that info again when applying for Early Arrival. Please use the Early Arrival Form for Vehicle Hill Access.

Questions? If you have concerns regarding vehicle access, email Otherwise, drop us a line at

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