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Volunteers Wanted

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Firefly is in need of a few good participants to help make all parts of Firefly run smoothly.

Co-leads work with other co-leads and overall there is not a lot of work, just work that needs to be done! Any questions? Contact Volunteer Coordinator Anne at or visit the Town Hall Meeting for more details.

Transport Core is looking for 2 – 3 Co-leads

Freight Truck Driver: Requires excellent driving record and can drive a 16 ft. rental truck.

  • Able to pick up the rental on Sunday 6/30 and park it at provided location
  • Drive it from Boston area to the event on Tuesday, 7/2
  • Drive from the event on Sunday 7/7 and back to the Boston area 7/7
  • Return the truck to the rental office

Freight Lead for Bus Gear Truck: Requires attending Placement Work Weekend and Handling freight shares and payment.

  • Find volunteers to help load and unload the gear truck and assist Driver with logistics
  • Secure parking locations for the gear truck pre, during, and after the event
  • Coordinate load in and load out with bus passengers and make sure they label all of their gear
  • Make sure the truck leaves on time to and from the event
  • Make sure: luggage dump areas get put on the event map and secure those locations with Placement Core; tarps are put down at the luggage dumps during early Arrival; work with signage core for luggage dump signs
  • Handles lost and found for items left on the truck

Transport Event Co-Lead:

  • Before Event
    • Assist with finding and training on-board bus volunteers for all bus trips
    • Assist with communications (email and facebook)
    • Assist with logistics and perks (bus locations, detours, etc.)
  • During Event
    • Meet and board busses when they arrive at the event
    • Assist busses with turning around
    • Able to answer passenger questions about the bus (schedule, perks, exodus)
    • Collect materials from on-board bus coordinators
  • Exodus
    • Check-in passengers
    • Coordinate staging area for luggage
    • Make sure passengers load gear onto trucks and busses in a timely manner
    • Make sure busses leave on time

Email if you’re interested in any of the above positions.

 Art Truck Core is looking for a Truck Driver Lead

Requires time flexibility on the last day of the event. There are multiple stops in and around the Boston area which can run late on Sunday.

  • Coordinate with artists to pick up Firefly bound art projects from multiple locations in the Boston area. Help pack art into a large truck, re-pack the art, and maybe even re-pack art again
  • Driving the truck to the event
  • Opening the truck up for artist to retrieve their art at the event
  • On the last day of the event, help artist load/pack any art back onto the truck for a return trip to the Boston area
  • Right after the event, provide the artist a place to pick up their art

Email if you’re interested in the above position.

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