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Want to Perform or Safety for the Fire Conclave?

Does having your fire spinning confined to just the camp spinning circles make you feel cramped? Do you wish to taunt the bug by dancing and toying with fire in front of it before it succumbs to its inevitable roasted fate? Or perhaps you desire to feel more like a master of the elements, commanding the flames themselves to ignite or disperse at your very whim and guarding those that would entertain us all?You can live out these wild pyro dreams if you come participate in the traditional conclave show for the bug burn this year! You are able to bask in the spectacle spinning fire for the screaming crowd OR as the ever important and VERY necessary fire safety, the last line of defense against stray flames!

Those interested MUST attend ONE of the two safety meetings that will occur during the week. These meetings will be held at the Lions fire spinning circle at 5pm. One is on Thursday (June 30th) and the other is on Friday (July 1st). These will be brief but important safety meetings that will allow the conclave crew to meet you all face to face, get an accurate head count for both roles, figure out the props everyone will be using AND go over the important conclave procedures and get everyone on the same page for the burn plan. Spread the word to your friends!

Anyone that does not attend at least ONE of these meetings will NOT be allowed to perform or safety on the night of the bug burn, unfortunately, so keep an eye on the time those days!

Never safetied a fire performer before? Need a refresher? No problem, we’ve got you covered! Just let us know at the meeting and we will gladly closely train you with a demo and give you practical experience in putting out props so that you can be comfortable on burn night. It’s a great skill to have not just for this conclave, but for any burn you attend in the future where performers might need you! Shifts for being a safety volunteer are currently open in the Firefly Volunteer System, so go and sign up before they are filled!

Besides spinning one-by-one before the bug ignites, there will also be a small choreographed performance to kick things off! Two of our esteemed veteran conclave crew, Katie Morrisey & Brigid Ann will be organizing this with rehearsals, so please reach out to them if you’d like to be involved.

You can reach out to Adam Canvas with any questions or concerns on messenger directly at or
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