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Gate Core Co-Leads: Jessica Marcus
Email: gate (at) fireflyartscollective (dot) org

The Gate crew welcomes new Fireflies!

Gate Volunteers are the first friendly faces that Fireflies meet when they arrive at the event. The Gate is staffed at all times, to help usher new folks in (or folks out), safely, as well as to be the face of Firefly to visitors or neighbors. Gate crew will have a radio with which to be in touch with Rangers and the Board; you’re never alone!

Gate Core Tasks:

  • Match state issued IDs to master ticket list
  • Verify ages and give out wristbands for over and under 21
  • Manage traffic to make sure it keeps flowing smoothly
  • Close off and monitor the road during arrival and Exodus

Exit Gates (Exodus) volunteers help with directing traffic and load-out, help pack up the Gate/Greeter Station and send people home with leftover trash and recycling (MOOP). Note: Gate and Greeters merge to become Exodus at the end of Firefly.


The gate closes at 3PM Saturday. Anyone that arrives after 3PM Saturday will not be admitted (and will be ineligible to get a refund for their ticket purchase). The Gate will still be staffed during this time to continue to be the face of Firefly to local visitors and neighbors.


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