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Kitchen Core Lead: Terry Dovidio

The purpose of Kitchen is to provide coffee for the Rangers, volunteers, and participants. Kitchen also provides hot water, bags of tea and hot cocoa, milk, sugar, and honey. A three bin dishwashing station is set up and often a propane stove is donated for communal use during the festival. Kitchen serves as a gathering place and communal cooking area if stove is present.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Before Firefly:

  • Set up tables, chairs, burner, dishwashing and coffee stations. Hold orientation at start of event.
  • 2 volunteers for 2-3 hour shifts.

During Firefly:

  • Boil water, make coffee, keep supplies stocked, maintain the dishwashing station, keeping kitchen area clean
  • 2 volunteers per 2-3 hour shift.

After Firefly:

  • Clean up and break everything down
  • 2-4 volunteers

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