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Signage or “Signcore” is responsible for displaying & maintaining the visual signage inventory at Firefly.

From street signs to important safety signs, laminates, information, directions, shrines, and puns, Signcore, in partnership with Placement, DPW, and Map, visually communicates the necessary info for all fireflies during the event.

Signage Co-Lead will be available to the Lead as a partner in planning, making, placing, and removing the signage. This can take many forms depending on the abilities and time constraints of each lead so the position is loosely structured to balance out the duties between both and the team of volunteers. Both leads will help organize 1 or 2 volunteer “weekend work parties” where we fabricate, paint, itemize, and eat snacks and drink beer or wine for half a day.

Often, one of each lead will be responsible for either placing or removing signs, since one duty requires Early Arrival and the other requires staying until Exodus has begun and accounting for every sign and hardware for proper storage.

The Signage Co-Lead will need to be able to manage at least one of the main tasks: placing or removing event signage.

The bulk of the work involves a lead + volunteer or two, pushing a cart around the event with stakes, signs, a mallet, and drills to fasten and place or deconstruct and store signs. It can be slow-going, but is always fun and rewarding in that you get to decorate the event, learn where things are that you may not have known about, and meet TONS of other volunteers and fireflies along the path, all while they shower you with praise and adoration for your tireless efforts! :D

Signcore Volunteers should be available to help with either Placement or Take-down and come to one (or hopefully) both “work parties” to help with: cutting, drilling, painting, lettering, coating, itemizing, etc.

It is not required to have a PhD in “Exotic Typographic Letter-forms from Sans-Serif University” though some basic understanding of applying/mixing paint, clear coat, and writing larger letters legibly is certainly a benefit!

Though this can be and usually is a fairly creative role, we do have an ongoing inventory from previous years that has been branded over time to be somewhat consistent, either with color-coding or letter legibility and size. New signs are brainstormed as a team, and follow some branding and legibility rules.

Working Signage is a great way to meet people and be useful. Signage tasks include: 

  • Inventory existing signs before event and check with board and core leaders if other signs are needed. Help with printing if necessary.
  • Print posters for the kiosks and easel located at the event (the What/Where/When has a list of art, theme camps and events at and during the event).
  • Assist board and core leaders with hanging signs at event. Take down signs at the end of the event and store properly.
  • Check in at daily board meeting to see what info and/or volunteer needs should be updated on the info/event kiosks.
  • Check in with Rangers to see if there are any updates that need to be posted on the info/event kiosks.
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