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2018 Work Weekends Sign-Up

TL;DR: Here is the link for the official 2018 Work Weekends Sign-Up:

Work Weekends 2018 Sign-Up

The Basics

Work Weekends are the weekends in June when volunteers travel up to the event space and prepare it. This can include but is not limited to gathering sticks for the bug, repairing or creating new paths, and general maintenance. Volunteers begin arriving after 6pm on Fridays (June 8th, 15th, and 22rd) and are expected to vacate by 6pm on Sundays. Lunch is provided by Work Weekend Corps on Saturday with basic snacks and coffee available the rest of the weekend.

Ride Sharing

Sharing rides is highly encouraged and there is a space on the form to help coordinate ride shares. This is for coordination purposes and will be shared to others who have signed up for ride shares only.


Coming to a Firefly Work Weekend? Make your MOOP scarce!

  • Remove unnecessary packaging at home – not at the land, where it might become MOOP
  • Label all your tools and equipment – neon tape and sharpies work great!
  • Working with small parts/tools? Take time to decide among your group who will be accountable for those things
  • Camping? Check around your tent any time you pass through your camp and again before you leave the Weekend
  • Pack out what you pack in!

Good LNT practices start and end with each and every Firefly – thanks for Participating!


There is a lot of do in a relatively small amount of time, so it’s important that if you are going to attend work weekends you understand that the crews and corps are there to work, this is not a ‘Firefly lite’ or party event. That being said, there is a lot of fun to be had and it’s an excellent way to meet new people if you are new to the event and/or the community. We accept and encourage anyone and everyone to volunteer and will make accommodations for those with specific needs.


Beyond the normal camping equipment required to stay in the woods over the weekend, we appreciate volunteers bringing any extra tools and equipment that might be useful. Previous useful tools include mattocks, chainsaws (Attend the DPW Training!), cordless drills, and shovels. It is generally recommended that you label your tools so that they come back to you. Neither WW corps or Firefly is responsible for any lost tools/equipment. Also; due to safety concerns, tools such as chainsaws will be coordinated with DPW.

Placement Brunch

June 17th is placement brunch which begins at 12pm. It is strongly encouraged that if your camp is sending representation to placement weekend, they be ready to contribute to the infrastructure work as well. Due to limited parking, if you will be attending placement only YOU MUST still register with the WW form and indicate that you’ll be attending placement. Again, if attending placement brunch it is highly encouraged that you participate in WorkWeekend as well.

Contact Info

Your Work Weekend Corps leads are Speedbump and Aisling. Both can be reached at with any questions and can coordinate connection with other corps as needed.

Sign Up Here 

Signups are due by the Thursday before each weekend. If you show up and have not completed the form you are consenting to 2 days of hard labor. Once you arrive at the property, please check in with Work Weekend Corps to be givens tasks, consensual hugs, snacks and further information. See you in the woods!

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