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Ice Hole 2018


5-lb bags of ice will be available to pickup at Firefly, thanks to the IceHole project and your pre-event donations.

How it works:
Money is raised collectively toward the ice fund in advance of the event.  It is OK to take ice if you don’t donate.  To ensure you get ice, show up at delivery times.  Volunteers welcome.

Location of Ice Hole: 
•  Upper Parking Lot across from Porta Potties
•  A Blow Up Pool covered with mylar, under a Pop-up Tent
•  There may even be signage!

Times of Delivery on July 4 – July 7:
•  Wed 4th — 3pm
•  Thurs 5th — 9am and noon
•  Fri 6th — 9am and noon
•  Sat 7th — 9am and noon
*times may change, and times will be posted at IceHole during the event.

Volunteer Opportunities:
• Set Up on Tuesday around 9am
• Showing up at Ice Hole at delivery time and helping to unload ice from the truck
• Break down (not sure exact time and day but either when the ice is gone or no later than Sunday 10am)
• “If you want to get involved in the art or logistics or distribution wing of the Ice Hole, I would love to work with you.”

Where to Donate:
IceHole’s Abby Howell says:
You can send your donations (let me know that they are for ice hole, please!) at:
or venmo to: abby-howell-2
(IceHole buys ice at a cost of $1 for a 5lb bag, before other expenses.)

Want more details on all the hows and whys?  Read Abby’s letter below.



Dispatch from the frozen tundra of the Ice Hole headquarters:

The season of ice cubes has come again. As the days get warmer, and we start to dust off our camping gear again in preparation for another iteration of our temporary utopia, it is time to turn our attention, briefly, to our plans for keeping our coolers cold during our Vermont adventure.

Ice Hole is a community project where we come together to raise money in advance of Firefly to buy bags of fresh, cold, free-range ice cubes, delivered to our parking lot by a local Vermont ice vendor, and give them to anyone who wants them at the event.

Ice in Vermont is cheap, just $1 for a 5 lb bag, and it’s socially responsible to buy ice locally and support the local economy rather than trucking in ice from Somerville. We have a great contact up in Vermont and he can deliver as much ice as we desire, 200 bags per truckload, and I stand ready and waiting to assemble a team of volunteers to keep the ice cold and in the shade as it waits its final home in the water bottles, coolers, ice packs, and blenders of the campers.

Instead of selling ice at Firefly, we give it away. You can plan to show up at Firefly and get ice for your cooler, and you can donate money to cover the ice you plan to use, and you can donate extra to fund ice as a gift to other community members who might need it.

100% of your donations will be turned into cold, hard ice, and any left over will be saved for the ice hole fund next year, or used to cover equipment for keeping the ice cold and clean during the distribution.

You can send donations via paypal or venmo or any other method that is convenient. I will use the banking system to turn your donations into cash, and I will use my cell phone to coordinate with Mike’s Ice of Rutland, VT, to make sure that the right amount of cash is exchanged for the right amount of ice. In past years, we have used about $1000 for 1,000 bags of ice over the course of the event. Will we need more this year? On what days do you predict you will need the most ice, and at what times would it be most convenient for you to pick it up?

You can send your donations (let me know that they are for ice hole, please!) at
or venmo to abby-howell-2 .

If you want to get involved in the art or logistics or distribution wing of the Ice Hole, I would love to work with you.

In service,
Ice Ice Abby

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