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June 2nd — Chainsaw Safety Skills Training in VT (2018)

June 2nd — Chainsaw Safety Skills Training in VT (2018)

Courtesy of John from Maine:

Firefly Department of Public Works is offering a chainsaw safety demonstration this year for volunteers who will be working for DPW during the Work Weekends or during the actual festival. Since much of DPW’s work involves the use of chainsaws, we strongly encourage our chainsaw-wielding volunteers to attend this. This is a hands-on event where participants will have an opportunity to apply their training at the Firefly location site.

Any person who plans on or wishes to be using a chainsaw this year must demonstrate safe and sane use of the saw.

This event is open to all Firefly volunteers, though preference will be given to DPW staff and WW volunteers.

The event will be on Saturday, June 2 from 9 AM to 5 PM with a break for lunch at the Firefly site near Bethel, VT.

If there is interest, participants can arrive on Friday night and stay thru Sunday and help Firefly get a jump on timber work for the upcoming Work Weekends.

Gordon Merrill, a University of Maine graduate with a degree in Forestry, will be providing demonstration and instruction in conditions that you would be likely to encounter at the Firefly site, namely:
*  Identifying and mitigating hazards when cutting fallen timber;
*  Proper use of chainsaw;
*  Responding to unforeseen problems.
Note that we will not be felling trees. This event only deals with down trees and the hazards therein.

Attendees should have appropriate work clothing, namely work boots, long work pants, and gloves. Safety glasses, ear plugs, hard hats, and chaps will be available as well as some chainsaws, though you are encouraged to bring your own.

If you bring your own saw be sure that it is in good working order and you have the proper fuel mix as this can vary from saw to saw. Arriving with a dull chain is encouraged as the demo includes chain sharpening.

How to join in:
* A $20.00 contribution is requested to offset the cost of the event. (Let me know if this is a hardship).
* Interested individuals can contact me at
* You will be given a code to make payment at the Firefly website. Please use the word ‘Chainsaw demo” in the subject of your email and indicate what kind of experience you have with chainsaws; if you have a saw and safety gear; and whether you would be interested in staying to do some land prep on Sunday.

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