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For this request for proposals, we are seeking artists who want to broaden their skillsets by taking a class or training so you can gain the skills you need to tackle your art projects.  Firefly will consider funding any class up to $300.

Skillshare Grants are evaluated differently from the other grants because we are not judging a specific artistic proposal, so the usual criteria of Thoughtfulness, Creativity, and Feasibility do not apply. Instead, these Grants will be allocated based upon our goals of increasing diversity (of knowledge, skills, and individuals) within our community.

Register and apply for a Skillshare grant!

Summary of Deadlines

  • February 12: Skillshare Grant applications open

  • March 26: Skillshare Grant applications due

  • April 12: Grants awarded

  • July 3 – July 8: Firefly Event!

  • July 27: Grant Documentation Deadline

Monday, March 26, 11:59PM EST – Grant Submission Deadline
This is a strict deadline. Proposals submitted after the deadline will NOT be considered.

Thursday, April 12 – Notification of Receipt of Grant
All applicants will be notified via email. If your project is funded, we will send you a contract to ensure that you are willing to commit to using the funds as proposed and that you agree to follow through on attending your class. If you fail to send in the contract by the contract deadline, your art grant funds will be distributed to the next grant in the waiting list.

Grant disbursement schedule

  • 50% – once the signed contract is received.

  • 50% – upon receipt of class documentation

How to apply

Please submit your application via the Grants Portal at – Deadline is Monday, March 12.

There’s no standard format for the application as long as you answer all of the required questions below.

  • What has your involvement in the Firefly Community been?
  • How would you like to participate in the future?
  • How do the skills you would like to learn relate to your participation in the community?
  • Firefly has a specific goal to increase inclusivity and representation with these grants. Is there any reason, based in demographics, identity, ability, or means, why having this class funded is of particular importance to you?
  • What complementary skills do you already have, or would like to develop?
  • What class would you be interested in taking? Please include a URL if possible.
  • Where is the class?
  • Feel free to add anything else you’d like to share that might be relevant.

A note about tickets

In addition to the donation of your time and efforts, all attendees and their helpers must apply for their own tickets to the event. Receipt of a Skillshare Grant does not entitle the recipient to any discretionary tickets to Firefly.

  • Am I required to register for a ticket? Yes! All participants in the Firefly Arts Festival must register for a ticket.
  • If my grant proposal is accepted will I still have to pay for my ticket? Yes! All participants are expected to pay for their ticket.


Feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions!

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