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Volunteer Gnome Core Leads: La and Sophie

Volunteer Gnomes are responsible for making sure volunteering is going smoothly throughout Firefly.

Gnome shifts begin and end at the Gnome Hut. At the beginning of your shift, go to the Gnome Hut to meet the Gnome(s) from the previous shift and get the binder and radio from them. The Gnome Hut is located next to the Kitchen at the top of the field.

This year, there will be new and different radios with a new and different radio process. Be prepared to be flexible and think on your feet, we do not yet know the exact details of the radio process.

As a Gnome, your primary duty is to run a systems check near the beginning of each shift. Equipped with your GnomePhone (ie radio) to solicit help if needed, you visit each of the volunteer base-stations about half an hour after each shift starts. (Gate, Greeters, Parking, Kitchen, and Rangers). You make sure everyone has shown up for their shift, find out whether the station needs anything, and generally make yourself available to ensure the station’s volunteers are happy. Take a trip around to make sure all the fires are tended. Check that there is enough toilet paper. Depending on the need, you can either take care of it yourself, solicit help from others, or get an organizer or core leader.

Occasionally, there are unanticipated demands for volunteers. For example, last year we needed to move the greeter station on short notice because the parking lot filled up. You are the recruiter in the woods if the need arises.

Ideally, a handful of people should be able to form the Volunteer Gnome Troupe for the entire event. Tell all your friends! Gnome hut houses the master Volunteer Schedule for the festival so you can remember when and where you are volunteering.

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