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Table of Contents

  1. Virtual Firefly, ZOMG
  2. WTF Is Topia? 
    1. How do we use it?
    2. Call for Volunteers
  3. Art & Theme Camp placement
  4. Event submissions (WWW guide)
  5. Fire
    1. Fire Safety
  6. Virtual Conclave

Greetings Fireflies, 

As you know our in-person festival is canceled this year. While we can’t gather in person, we are organizing a Virtual Firefly event that will include virtual spaces to explore and interact with art and other Fireflies, some Firefly events and traditions adapted to virtual spaces where possible, and other offerings made by the community. Read on for more information and how to get involved! 


Virtual Firefly ZOMG!!!1

Virtual Firefly will occur over Thursday, July 1 – Sunday, July 4, 2021. This is an official Burning Man regional event reflecting the Ten Principles and the Firefly Code of Conduct

There will be a Firefly map and navigation environment that will visually reflect the land where Firefly is held each year (for the experience of wandering around in the woods or field). The main gathering spaces and events will be hosted or linked on Firefly’s Topia (so for instance a camp’s Zoom space could be linked from Firefly’s Topia).

WTF Is Topia?

  • Virtual version of Firefly land  
    • Firefly map and navigation environment 
    • Placed camps and art 
    • Portals to various areas on the Firefly map and camps’ spaces
  • Experiences people can have
    • Walking around to explore (for the experience of wandering around in the woods or field, find placed art, etc
    • Having social interactions with a proximity chat where you can walk around and talk to friends & strangers
    • Interacting with art
    • DJ dance parties 
    • Virtual versions of Firefly events (like a Virtual Mx Firefly if anyone were to organize that)
    • People and camps can also host their own camp spaces and events
    • Etc
  • What Firefly does
    • Creates Firefly Map
    • Creates main Firefly navigation
    • Places Camps and Art
    • Organize Virtual Firefly team
      • Greeters
      • VEST Rangers
      • Tech Support
  • What Camps and Artists do 
    • Fill out this form to place your Camp / Art
    • Create Camp space that’s managed by your Camp and accessible by the Firefly public
    • Host and manage your own events 

How Do We Use It?

If you’re new to Topia and want to explore and learn more, here are some resources to get started! 

Build-A-Burn is a network of virtual worlds that interlink to create the pixelated Playa of Burning Man. This weekly gathering is for those making art, creating camps, and contributing experiences to the magic of the multiverse. Meet the makers of the 2020 multiverse, learn how to build your camp, and share space while making art. Whether you’re joining us to create, play, or connect — all are welcome. To join us, portal into and walk to North to the embers of last year’s Man.

Topia Welcome Lobby is where anybody can enter to learn more about Topia.

Discover more about Topia.

Call for Volunteers

Please join us in making Virtual Firefly possible if you have the time and interest! The form is here. Areas where we could use help in the next 3 weeks include art production, virtual world-building, communications, coordination and scheduling, project management and technical assistance. During the event we will need technical assistance, greeters, and VEST Rangers.  

Art & Theme Camp Placement

If you would like to create a virtual space for your camp or place a piece of virtual art, please fill out this form! Placed theme camps and art are expected to have a public space where all Firefly participants can visit and interact.

Event Submissions (WWW Guide)

If you would like to host virtual events (in a public Firefly location, at a virtual camp, or on your own), please let us know the details here. Firefly events are expected to include ways Firefly participants can visit and interact.  


This is a burn after all, so what about setting things on fire? Read on below for all the details.

Fire Safety

Anything that is set on fire as part of Virtual Firefly (Fire Art, Flame Effect, Burnable Art, or Fire Performance) should adhere to all Firefly Fire Policies and FAST safety protocols as well as local and state laws. Firefly participants who burn fire art for Virtual Firefly do so at their own risk and responsibility. 

Virtual Conclave

Last year’s virtual conclave was a big success and we wanted to continue on with that again this year! Conclave videos will be collected and edited beforehand, and the Virtual Conclave video will be shared on the evening of Friday, July 2. 

If you would like to be a part of this year’s Fire Conclave, please read the below dispatch from Canvas in full:

  1. Please fill out the google form at this link so that we can contact you if need be and get an accurate headcount and name spellings:
  2. Please adhere to the following guidelines when making your video:
    1. You must have a safety if you’re spinning fire! They should be off camera but please have one present.
    2. Only 1 video submission per person
    3. Keep the length of your video to 35 seconds or less. If the file you send us is over time, we will feature the first 35 seconds of the video and nothing after that timecode.
    4. All videos need to be no smaller in dimensions than Full HD size (1920 x 1080 pixels). Landscape (Horizontal) orientation only please.
    5. For best lighting and cohesive theme, please video yourself spinning around dusk to early evening, or during the sunset.
    6. Ensure your entire body and prop are within the frame, without being too far away from the camera.
  3. Your video must be uploaded to the following Google Drive link folder before midnight on Saturday, June 26th, 2021. Please have your filename set as your own name:…/1ruGEpVQJdwnoAhZdapqnMa1WasO…

If you follow the above guidelines, we can easily include all the video of all your wonderful fires and faces at their best! Please reach out to me directly if you have any questions about these guidelines and I’ll be happy to help.

Also, please pass information about this along to any fire spinning friends you have that might not otherwise see this post! We’d love to get as many people in this year’s video as we can!

We enthusiastically look forward to seeing your spinning and continuing the sense of community that we all share!”

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