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Leave No Trace

At a time when other regional burns struggle to find a venue, Firefly has been on the same site since 2009. One reason is that we as community are responsible guests, respect the landowners’ property and take our trash with us.

Anything that was not on the property before we arrive must be taken away. This includes food waste, cooking oil, bacon grease, and other biodegradable items. Cigarette butts must never hit the ground. Remember to look in the trees for random bungee cords, clothesline, or rope.

Like creating a space of no commodification, living by the Leave No Trace ethic for just a few days can get us thinking about the changes we want to make in the world, a tangible reminder that there are other ways of being than our current society.

Also, goodwill can be hard to come by once it is lost. Firefly has very good relations with the landowners who welcome us onto their property, and we want to keep it that way!

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