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This is meant to be a sample packing list only. Make sure you think about your unique needs, and consider consulting veteran Fireflies about your gear, packing list, etc. before you go! Remember the principle of Radical Self-Reliance.

Scott’s Firefly Packing List

Courtesy: Firefly veteran Scott Albertine
Last updated: 5/27/24
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Rule #1: People are friendly, if you forget something, you can probably borrow it.

Rule #2: Some things are very annoying to borrow. With those two things in mind, this packing list is grouped by how much of a pain it is to borrow a thing.

Critical things you are going to need for yourself, and be sad without:

    • Your ID is your ticket, you cannot get in without it



Provisions (your camp may provide some or all of these)



If you’re packing light, or you’re worried about funds, please stop reading here. If you pack only the above things, you will have a great time at Firefly, and everything else on this list you can either borrow or do without.

Optional things you might want:

Spare things you might want extras of:

Mix-ins you may want depending on your situation:

If taking a car

If having sex

If spinning fire

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