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Event Leads are typically extroverted project managers who maintain a timeline for the successful implementation of the event. Major responsibilities will include: overseeing all core activities, facilitating communication between the core leads and board members, adhering to the timeline, and budgeting. The Event Lead needs to be highly organized, have great communication skills and have had experience organizing major events and coordinating complex logistical pieces that run smoothly together.


  • Maintain an event timeline and hold Core Leads to deadlines
  • Cultivate team-building across Cores
  • Facilitate communication with Core Leads and Board members
  • Attend Planning/Core meetings before and after event
  • Attend Town Hall meetings
  • Work closely with Infrastructure/DPW before, during, and after event
  • Manage reservations, rentals, and purchases of infrastructure items
  • Maintain emergency contact systems
  • Manage relationships with local agencies
  • Be a reliable point of contact during event with Core Leads and Board
  • Oversee event clean up & returning infrastructure rentals
  • Mentor another Firefly for future Event Lead role

The Event Lead will need to spend 5–10 hours a week on their role, with flexibility to allocate more time as the event gets closer. The Event Lead will need to be present for the entire event—especially early crew. The Event Lead will also likely wish to attend the first work weekend before the event.

While on-site during the event itself, the Event Lead will often need to make decisions “on their feet.” While the Board has primary responsibility for maintaining year-round contact with the landowners, it is encouraged that the Event Lead cultivate a relationship as well.

Contact us if you’re interested in helping, or trying out for next year’s Event Lead. It’s a great way to give back to the community! or

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