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Transportation: Cars, Parking, and the Bus

Firefly has very limited parking, so we encourage you to carpool. In 2022, there will not be bus service to Firefly.

Below are the many fine transportation options:

Firefly Bus

The Firefly Bus is not running for the 2022 event. We are actively seeking at least two Transportation co-leads to run the buses for the 2023 event. Please email if you wish to express any interest or curiosity in the role.

Carpool: Request or Offer a Ride

Drivers, please be sure you are offering all available spaces in your car! Everyone must pull together to rideshare whenever possible, since we are so tight on spaces. If you have questions about using these boards, please contact .

Go to our page at RickyRides to offer or ask for a ride! Easy instructions are here.

Ride Share App

PLEASE ALSO REGISTER ANY FREE SEATS IN YOUR CAR! Use RickyRides here. Registering your car with available space allows people seeking rides to contact you via email relay- your personal contact info is not shared. Help the community!

Last year we had an average of 1.7 people in each arriving car; we really need to get that closer to 3 people per car! We have access to an offsite parking site very close to the event site. Throughout the event, we will be asking new arrivals to drop their gear at the gate and then park off-site. You will be able to walk back from the offsite lot to the event, but you cannot return to your car if parked offsite for the safety and security of our event and its participants. Even if you park remotely, you will need to have a parking pass.

Event Parking

Parking will cost $30 per car (advance purchase only)

Parking is limited at Firefly, so please take the bus or carpool as much as possible. It is recommended that you purchase your parking pass online in advance. Buy parking passes by logging on to your account at with the same information you used to register for the lottery and buy your event ticket. Once logged in, go to the Ticket Sales page (link at top of the Tickets page).

Parking Passes are available for online purchase (at $30 price) through Friday, June 24th at 5:00 PM ET.

If you show up at the gate without a purchased parking pass, you will be charged $60 (cash-only) to park at Firefly.

Arriving, parking, and what to expect

Expect to spend a few minutes on arrival having your ticket checked, getting a wristband, a parking pass, and being greeted. You will be instructed where you can park after finishing at ticketing. You will then be at the event!

Your parking pass should be placed in the windshield of your vehicle and visible from the outside.  Please make sure all of the information on the parking pass is filled out. This ensures that we can find the driver of the vehicle if we need to have a car moved.

Please follow the instructions of our on-site parking volunteers and park as close as you can to the car next to you. If you’re not leaving the event until Sunday afternoon or later you may be asked to have your car blocked in by cars that will be leaving before you.

Onsite parking is near the event proper, but you will NOT be able to drive up into your camping space to unload. Expect to hand-haul your gear into the woods (a 10-20 minute walk). You are welcome to bring a cart or hand-truck to help move your gear into the woods!

If it rains a lot there will likely be delays in getting non-4WD cars out. Everyone will be able to get out, just know that if the week is very rainy it will take a bit longer — so plan accordingly, maybe get packed up early and then spend some time picking up trash to take home, helping with break down, or lending a hand to those who need it.

Given space constraints, you may be asked to park offsite, which is a short walk away from the event site. You’ll be able to drop your gear off on site and go park. Even though the offsite lot seems close, you may not access your vehicle during the event or transport cargo from it. This is for the safety of our event and its participants.

Early Arrival and Vehicle Hill Access

For information on Vehicle Access on the hill during Early Arrival and Exodus, go here.

If you wish to set up your art or camp before noon on June 29, please fill out the Early Arrival Application as soon as you know your plans. Everyone in a vehicle must be on the approved Early Arrival list. If anyone in an early arrival group is not on the list (or doesn’t have their photo ID), then no-one in the group will be allowed entry.

You must be approved for Early Arrival! If you arrive without approval, you will be turned away.

Email with any questions.


Firefly does not happen without you! Please contact us if you would like to help out and volunteer!

  • We need folks to help coordinate parking on-site!
  • We need people helping the VIPs park in the VIP lot!
  • We need folks interested in coordinating buses for 2023!

Drop us a line!

Bus, Rideshare: Email
Parking: Email

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