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Participant Code of Conduct

  1. This Code of Conduct is guided by the 10 Principles of Burning Man and regional events.
  2. All Firefly participants are expected to take personal responsibility for their actions and the effects of those actions on others.
  3. Firefly Arts Collective will respond to any participant behavior that directly endangers its participants or its ability to hold the annual festival and other community events.
  4. Firefly Arts Collective expects that all participants will endeavor, as they are able, to resolve their own issues and conflicts, and to not rely on FAC leadership to address all problems and conflicts. Participants accept that the volunteer resources of FAC are limited, and that the Firefly community contains diverse values and goals.
  5. Firefly Arts Collective leadership commits itself to taking the needs of its community and Firefly participants seriously, to handling reports of issues responsibly, equitably, and in a timely manner, and to making its best effort to resolve matters consistent with our organizational values and community standards.
  6. Firefly Arts Collective welcomes the stranger, and we share an expectation that all participants will work to create a space that is welcoming for everyone.

Please speak up about violations of this code of conduct using the guidance below. If you still have questions about whom to speak with, please email and, or any of the individual Conduct Committee or Board members. You can also ask a camp lead, Core lead, or trusted friend if they can make contact on your behalf if doing so would be a challenge for you.

Participants may report any incident in which another participant is behaving in an abusive, intimidating, threatening, or unsafe manner. (Physical hazards, such as unsafe art installations or fires, should be referred to Rangers or Fire Core.)

The Conduct Committee Policies page has a FAQ and details about handling behavioral issues at Firefly Arts Collective events.

Investigating Reports

Conduct Committee will investigate:

  • Intimidation, stalking, verbal or physical abuse, violence against people, or non-consensual physical contact including but not limited to unwelcome sexual interaction.
  • Harassment, including harassment based on perceived or actual identity.
  • Non-consensual intoxication.
  • Abuse of power or discrimination in a Firefly leadership position or volunteer role.
  • Any uncertain situation where the Conduct Committee can identify the people in Firefly best situated to address the situation productively.

The Conduct Committee Policies page has a FAQ and details about handling behavioral issues at Firefly Arts Collective events. We also keep a current list of indefinitely banned individuals.

The Board of Directors will investigate:

  • Abuse or neglect of Firefly or venue property, physical or otherwise, such as vandalism, theft or destruction of event property, abusing the ticketing process, or impersonating a lead or event organizer.
  • Disrespect of the community surrounding the event such as dumping trash in local dumpsters, trespassing, harassment, or repeated violations of the event’s sound policies.
  • Wanton, flagrant, or repeated disregard for one’s own safety or well-being, or the well-being of others, in a manner that compels urgent intervention by other participants, community members, volunteers, or outside agencies, such as intervention by local law enforcement or fire department staff.
  • Repeated or egregious violations of any and all policies put in effect by event organizers.

Contact the Board at

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