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Firefly Announce email list — Low volume email list of critical info for event ticket holders, or those hoping to be. Registering in the ticketing system may also subscribe you to this list; though you can opt out at any time.

Fireflyblink discussion list — Free-for-all email list for community discussion.  Kinda low traffic these days, as most of the flamewars have moved over to facebook  ;-p

Firefly Facebook announcement page — ‘Like’ & Follow this page to see official FAC announcements via facebook.

Firefly Facebook discussion group — Join this group to participate in community discussions.

Festival-related Inquiries

Firefly is led entirely by teams of volunteers from the community.  Please communicate with us by group as needed!



Art Grants:

Speak to a Manager

Talk to the Board:
(goes to board and selected board alumni, and Event Co-Leads)

Report an Incident: Firefly Incident Report Form  (Airtable form)

Web suggestions: Website update request form

Request a Broadcast: Communicate with the larger Firefly community, attendees, etc.

Other Volunteer Cores:

  • Art & Theme Camp Placement (Mapping):
  • Bug Builders:
  • DPW:
  • Early Arrival:
  • Fire Art Safety Team (FAST):
  • Fire Safety:
  • Gnomes (Volunteering):
  • Greeters:
  • Kitchen/Caffeine:
  • Leave No Trace:
  • First Aid (Blue Dot):
  • Parking:
  • Signage:
  • Rangers:
  • Sanctuary:
  • Sound:
  • Work Weekends:
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