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Firefly Announce EmailsReceive low volume emails and the Glowbe Newsletter with critical information regarding the organization and the festival. If  you register for a ticket in our ticketing system, you will be put on this Email List. You can easily unsubscribe at any time.

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Fireflyblink Discussion EmailsYou will also receive the critical Firefly Announce Emails and Glowbes, but this is also our free-for-all email list for community discussion.

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By Discord

Official Firefly Discord ServerJoin this server to connect with Discordian Fireflies..

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Official Firefly Facebook Page“Like” and follow this page to see official Firefly Arts Collective Announcements.

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Firefly Facebook Discussion GroupJoin this group to comment, participate, and post in community discussions.

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Firefly AccountThis account will automatically subscribe you to receive Firefly Announce Emails (see above) and is one less step to take when it’s time to register for tickets and sign up for event volunteer shifts.

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Talk to the Board

Contact the Board of Director by emailing: (This email address goes to current voting and non-voting board members.)

Report an Incident

Report an incident to the Conduct Committee by filling out this form.

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General Information

If you have a general question or not sure who to email regarding a specific issue, email:

Festival Communication Tools

Website—If you’re helping a Cluster or Core and need to update information on the Website, use this form:

Website Update Request Form

Ready to Publish—If you’re helping a Cluster or Core and have ready-to-publish information for the community, use this form (to publish via Announce Emails, Official Facebook Page, and Website News/Blog):

Ready-to-Publish Form

Need Help Publishing—If you’re helping a Cluster or Core and you need help getting information to the community, use this form (to publish via Announce Emails, Official Facebook Page, and Website News/Blog):

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Festival Related Inquires

General Information

Use this email address if you have general questions about the event or you’re not sure who to email regarding a specific issue. We can answer your questions or forward your inquiry to someone who can.

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Infrastructure Stuff:

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Arrival and Departure Stuff

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Safety Stuff:

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Other Stuff:

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If you have any questions regarding subscriptions, contact information, or the communication tools found on this page, email:

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