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Firefly Arts Collective’s largest and best-known activity is our yearly interactive, multi-day, outdoor arts and culture event held over 4th of July weekend. The Festival Committee provides a fostering environment for future Festival and organization leaders to encourage sustainability and growth.


The Festival Committee organizes, plans, and produces Firefly Arts Collective’s yearly interactive, multi-day, outdoor arts and culture event.

The responsibilities of the Festival Committee include:

  • Organizing the volunteer leadership necessary for production of the Festival.
  • Planning changes to event organizational structure to promote participation, leadership, succession, redundancy, and communication.
  • Establishing a yearly budget for Board approval.
  • Taking direction from the Board as to desired future directions for the Festival.
  • Preparing an operational summary report (“Afterburn”) following the event.


  • Tarn Stem


  • Tarn Stem (Event Co-Lead)
  • Missy Farmer (Event Co-Lead)
  • Christian Ternus (Event Co-Lead)
  • Terry Dovidio (City Cluster Lead)
  • Karen Sittig (Ranger Oryx) (Safety Cluster Lead)
  • L-Train (Infrastructure Cluster Lead)
  • Dennis Zografos (Art Cluster Lead)
  • Abbie Smith-Howe (Volunteer Coordinator)
  • Blake Courtney (Member at Large)
  • Danimal (Member at Large)
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