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Firefly Arts Collective participates in several events beyond our yearly festival. We wish to expand our participation in these and other events, curate the Firefly Gallery at Velir, and produce additional day and evening events to foster year-round participation in our culture. We have created an Activities Committee to encourage and develop future events and organization leaders. Initial activities will focus on the work necessary to launch and maintain the Firefly Gallery.


The Activities Committee fosters collaborative environments and community for participatory arts through public activities other than our annual Festival. These activities include, but are not limited to, the Firefly Gallery at Velir and participation Somerville Open Studios and FIGMENT Boston.

The responsibilities of the Activities Committee include:

  • Organizing Firefly Arts Collective’s activities and events outside of the yearly Festival.
  • Coordinating the volunteer leadership necessary for production of such events.
  • Encouraging community members to start new activities with the organizational support of Firefly Arts Collective.
  • Establishing a yearly budget for Board approval.
  • Taking direction from the Board as to desired future for the organization’s public activities outside of the Festival.
  • Preparing a yearly summary report of activities.





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