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Firefly Policies

Below are the policies and guidelines that we’ve developed that make our community work- they’re the result of a continuing community dialogue informed by the Ten Principles of Burning Man. These policies are specific to the Firefly Arts Festival in Vermont. Most have been previously listed in the Survival Guide and are summarized here; see the Survival Guide for more details.


Standards of Behavior

Participant Code of Conduct

You can read in more detail about our Participant Code of Contact here.

  1. This Code of Conduct is guided by the 10 Principles of Burning Man and regional events.
  2. All Firefly participants are expected to take personal responsibility for their actions and the effects of those actions on others.
  3. Firefly Arts Collective will respond to any participant behavior that directly endangers its participants or its ability to hold the annual festival and other community events.
  4. Firefly Arts Collective expects that all participants will endeavor, as they are able, to resolve their own issues and conflicts, and to not rely on FAC leadership to address all problems and conflicts. Participants accept that the volunteer resources of FAC are limited, and that the Firefly community contains diverse values and goals.
  5. Firefly Arts Collective leadership commits itself to taking the needs of its community and Firefly participants seriously, to handling reports of issues responsibly, equitably, and in a timely manner, and to making its best effort to resolve matters consistent with our organizational values and community standards.
  6. Firefly Arts Collective welcomes the stranger, and we share an expectation that all participants will work to create a space that is welcoming for everyone.

Participants may report any incident in which another participant is behaving in an abusive, intimidating, threatening, or unsafe manner. (Physical hazards, such as unsafe art installations or fires, should be referred to Rangers or Fire Core.)

The Conduct Committee Policies page has a FAQ and details about handling behavioral issues at Firefly Arts Collective events.

Warnings and Bans

The Warning and Ban Policy details the manner Firefly Arts Collective could ask participants to change their behavior or not attend events.

Photography at Firefly

Firefly Arts Collective recognizes and supports photography at our Events as a form of expression and participation valued by many Fireflies.  Some participants feel that photography at Events or the use or publication of personal images negatively affects their experiences, and our Photography Policy is intended to help Fireflies navigate competing desires about photography.

It boils down to: consider Personal Use, Public Spaces, and Consent.
Read our full Photography Policy here: Event Recording Guidelines

COVID Policy

  • All Firefly event participants are requested to take a COVID test before leaving for the event and stay home if they test positive. Participants who test positive during an event are asked to head home; Firefly will help them find safe transport if needed.

Fire Policies, Art, Setup

Fire, Fireworks, Firespinning, and Firearms

Fireworks and firearms are not permitted.

Firefly is in large part a fire arts festival, and we welcome artistic expressions involving fire. If you have any fire art (including burn barrels or other open fires and flame effects), you must get it inspected by the Fire Core prior to burning. Also, please let us know in advance if you plan to bring fire art so we can coordinate placement and inspection.

Fire Pits/ Camp Fires

All fires of any kind must be attended at all times.

  • Do not create new fire pits.
  • Ground fires are not permitted in the camping areas except in approved fire pits.
  • Burn only wood in the campfires.
  • Tiki torches are not permitted.

Portable above-ground fire pits ARE allowed, following the same rules as fire pits.

All fire pits are the responsibility of a particular camp. If your camp has stewardship of an in-ground pit, please make it available for use by all responsible Fireflies.

Camps with fire pits will:

  • Clear brush, leaves, and pine needles at least 5 feet back from the fire pit.
  • Keep a bucket of water available at all times.
  • Not leave the fire unattended.

Fire Core may implement additional restrictions depending on current local conditions.


Fire spinning is allowed in appropriately cleared spaces–not the deep woods or the parking lot.  If you spin, please make sure you are familiar with fire safety guidelines, and contact

Anyone wishing to perform with fire as part of the fire conclave prior to the burning of the BUG must attend a fire safety meeting, and check-in with the Fire Performance Lead before performing. Fire safety meetings will be at Love & Lion’s Den on Thursday12-1pm and at Diode on Friday 1-2pm.

Store fuel away from ignition sources (including generators), and tents or other structures.

Full fire policies are here.

Art Cars

Small art cars–think “small enough that two people can free it when it inevitably becomes stuck in the mud”–are welcome at Firefly!  To help vehicles fit in with the general pedestrian feel of the event, some specific Art Car Guidelines are available.

Work Weekends

See the Work Weekend Policies page for full details. Participants in Work Weekends must register in advance and sign in at the shelter in the field upon arrival.

Please do not arrive before 5pm on Friday of Work Weekends; plan to leave by dusk on Sunday.  Do not bring pets.

Please do not drive your vehicle into the woods or field without coordinating with a Work Weekend or DPW Core lead. 4WD does not mean you won’t get stuck in mud.

Festival & Camping Policies

Tickets and Wristbands

No tickets will be available for purchase at the gate. All participants (over the age of 10) must have purchased a ticket to be admitted. All tickets are will-call: Bring your ID.

The Gate crew will check your ID and give you a wristband.  There are different wristbands for over-21 and under-21. People without wristbands will be asked to leave the event so please keep your wristband on.  If you lose your wristband please talk to Gate.

Early Arrival

The 2018 Firefly Arts Festival opens at noon on Tuesday July 3rd. If you have large projects and camp infrastructure to set up, you may apply for Early Arrival access for entry starting at noon on Monday July 2nd. Email with questions.


All cars and trucks arriving should have purchased a Parking Pass at Designated Transport Vehicles are eligible for reduced-cost passes, email

Your vehicle may be blocked in by other vehicles. There is no re-entry to Firefly; please come prepared with everything you need.


Maps of the site will be posted on kiosks. Please respect the event boundaries and the designated sacred spaces. Camping is not allowed in the main field–please camp in the woods.

Camping in your car or trailer is not permitted.

Neighbors, Nudity, and Sound

Please remain fully clothed when in view of the neighbors or public roads–this includes when visiting the portapotties and in the main field.  Do not approach or bother the horses in their pasture.

The main field is a quiet space after midnight.

If you plan to bring amplified sound louder than a boombox, contact so noise impacts on neighbors can be minimized.


Pets or other animals are not allowed at Firefly.

There is one exception only: Service Animals as defined by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) are permitted to accompany any participant with a disability who requires one. For planning purposes we do request that you email as early as possible to notify us that your Service Animal will accompany you.

No other animals are allowed at Firefly, including emotional support animals, or creatures in cages.

Do not bother, feed, or otherwise approach the horses which live on site.

Leave No Trace

Firefly is a Leave No Trace event.  Take everything you brought back out with you, and make sure no trash or other foreign matter is left in your campsite when you leave.

No trash facilities are available. Plan to put all your trash into your vehicle and take it home with you–please don’t deposit your trash in local dumpsters.

Trees, holes, and other permanent modifications

Do not cut live trees. Collect only dead trees for firewood.

Do not dig holes in the ground for firepits, latrines, garbage disposal, or any other purpose.

Do not build permanent trails or other installations without permission from Placement or DPW Core Leads.

Water Use

In the stream and ponds, please do not use soap or shampoo of any kind.

Please do not dispose of any rinsewater containing soap within 100 feet of the stream or other surface water.

Bathroom Facilities

Portapotties are provided for the event near the upper and lower parking lots.  These are pumped and cleaned during the event–please don’t discard trash in the portapotties as this clogs the pump.

Portapotty and outhouse structures not adjacent to the parking lots are off-limits during the event.

Feel free to pee in the woods, away from the stream.  Do not poop in the woods–there are too many participants in too small of a space.


Vending is not allowed.

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