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Over the years, the Firefly Arts Collective (FAC) has been proud to provide grant support to Firefly artists to enable them to express and fulfill their varied creative visions. These grants are intended to support and promote radically-expressive, community-based, interactive and/or collaborative projects that help define and shape the creative core of the event.

Burner Exchange Grants

Burner Exchange (BEX) Grants are for bringing art to Firefly that has already appeared at another burn event.

Historically, BEX Grant applications have been considered for amounts up to $1,000.

Grant money is expected to be applied to minor maintenance / improvements and shipping costs to Vermont. Unlike other grants, Burner Exchange Grants can pay for transportation costs for the art. But the artist(s) are still expected to pay for their own personal transportation and tickets.

Artists are still required to register for tickets, participate in the ticket lottery, and pay for their own tickets as usual. If you or critical teammates are not offered a ticket through the lottery, then you can request up to three (3) discretionary tickets. This is an exception from the normal rule, which only allows one (1) discretionary ticket per project.

Before applying, please review the information on the Art Grants page for everything you need to know about the process.

Please do not include any identifying information about the artist. Our committee process is screened so that all applicants are anonymized.

Register for a Burner Exchange Grant

Summary of Deadlines

  • Mar 31, 2024: BEX Grant applications open
  • Apr 28, 2024: BEX Grant applications due. This is a strict deadline. Proposals submitted after the deadline will NOT be considered.
  • May 24, 2024: Grants awarded. All applicants will be notified via email. If your project is funded, we will send you a contract to ensure that you are willing to commit to using the funds as proposed and that you agree to follow through on your project. If you fail to send in the contract by the contract deadline, your art grant funds will be distributed to the next grant in the waiting list.
  • TBA: Firefly Event
  • TBA: Grant Documentation Deadline

Firefly-specific logistics

  • Check the weather and plan ahead! It’s usually rainy and you may experience extreme mud.
  • The entire burn takes place on the side of a steep hill. Level ground is rare. Camping and art placement are a ~0.5 mi hike uphill from the parking area and porta-potties.
  • No vehicles (other than emergency) are allowed on the trails during the event.
  • Most large-scale art is placed in the field, as long as it has no sound; other art will be placed in the woods.
  • Fire art installations are welcome, but will be subject to our fire review and approval process for safety and placement. Fire Art may be subject to location and late night operation restrictions.

Review Process

For more information on how grants are awarded, see the Art Grants page.


Feel free to reach out to us at!

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