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A volunteer holds a high-heeled shoe to their ear like a telephone.
Firefly Arts Collective uses a diverse set of communication channels, updated by many participants. We have created a Communications Committee to coordinate the organization’s publications. This Committee will plan and publish community announcements and facilitate discussion consistently across multiple channels.


The Communications Committee organizes, designs and publishes all forms of Firefly Arts Collective’s outbound communication to our community. These forms may include, but are not limited to, email newsletters, websites, Facebook pages, and other social media.

The responsibilities of the Communications Committee include:

  • Identifying appropriate forms of communication to the community.
  • Working with the Technology Committee to deploy new communication channels.
  • Providing a mechanism for the organization to present information to our community across available channels.
  • Responding to informational inquiries and summarizing feedback to the Board.
  • Ensuring communications channels have current information published at all times.
  • Creating a consistent look across all forms of communication.
  • Preparing a yearly summary report of activities.


Stever Robbins


  • Stever Robbins
  • Liz LaManche
  • Tish Smith

The Communications Committee can be reached at

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