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Come back in early Spring for information about your ticket to Firefly 2024!

Register for a Ticket

(Closed until 2024 season)

“I want to think about frolicking around a giant flaming insect, not all the various ticket contingencies!”

  1. Go to Ticket Registration and use your email address to sign up for an account.
  2. Log into your account, click the Register for a Ticket link at the top, fill out the form with your name and birthday, answer the questions, and submit your registration.
  3. If you got steps 1-3 done before the deadline you’ll be in the Firefly Lottery. You’ll get an email on lottery day telling you to buy your ticket now, or that you’re on the dreaded waitlist.
  4. When you have a ticket offer email, log in to your account and pay for it.

If you have any questions, email

Here’s how ticketing for Firefly 2023 works:

Firefly 2023 will be about the same size as Firefly 2022, with only small improvements to the location or parking. We’re continuing to have tickets priced according your ability to contribute to making Firefly happen.

So what’s the recommended ticket contribution?

Since 2019, Firefly has asked everyone to pay what they were willing and able to make Firefly happen. And Fireflies, collectively, covered the costs of art and event production! We’re continuing the same way this year: at registration for the ticket lottery, you will be asked to commit to how much you are willing to pay for a ticket. There are no changes to the lottery system. When you get a ticket, you’ll be asked to pay what you said you would. For Firefly to break even in 2023, the average ticket buyer would have to pay about $125. We hope that some people pay more than the recommended average contribution, to cover the costs of some people paying less. If it looks like Firefly won’t be able to meet its financial obligations as a result, the Board may decide to set a flat ticket price.

We’re looking at our budget estimates, and if we changed nothing else, the ticket price would be $125/person. For some of you, this is more than your finances can handle; for others, it’s remarkably little for an experience as important to you as Firefly.

Firefly ended 2022 about 2% above the break-even point. At this stage, we expect Firefly 2023 to cost roughly the same as 2022. Some of our land management and security/medical staffing needs will cost less, but we are projecting several improvements to the land in the form of road upgrades and permanent structures, as well as a slight increase in art grants given. As Firefly 2022 recommended a donation of $118 and ended up receiving about $126 per ticket, we are recommending a donation of $125 per ticket.

How will getting a ticket work?

The process of getting your Firefly ticket will change very little. There’s a FAQ describing in detail how things work.

When you register for your ticket you’ll be asked what making Firefly happen is worth to you. We’ll have a lottery and a waitlist, just like past years. When your name gets to the top of the list, you’ll receive a ticket offer and pay the amount you decided on at registration.

How much you’re able to pay for your ticket does not affect the lottery.

We hope this goes without saying, but to be totally clear: when you register for the lottery and indicate how much you’re willing to pay for a ticket, that price has no bearing on your chance of getting a ticket. Every participant has the same chance of getting a ticket in the lottery, and groups are handled the same way they have been in the past.

What happens if Firefly raises too much money?

If Firefly has a revenue surplus, that money will roll over towards the next year’s budget and will reduce the recommended average ticket contribution next year, or fund more art programs.

Ticket Process

Firefly 2023 happens Tuesday July 4th to Sunday July 9th, in Vermont.

Firefly has developed a ticket process which uses non-transferable refundable tickets, a lottery to allocate initial ticket offers, and an automated waitlist system.

The ticket process is entirely online. Ticket registration for Firefly 2023 will soon open; Lottery registration will remain open through Monday May 8th.

  1. Each participant seeking a ticket needs to sign up on the Firefly Ticketing website. The link says “You have not yet registered for a ticket! Click here to register!”
  2. Participants registering now will be put in a random order during the Lottery on May 10th. The first 1200 participants will receive ticket offers by email and the remaining start a waitlist.
  3. If you have a ticket offer, pay for it within three days or the next person on the waitlist will get it!
  4. Tickets are non-transferable and tied to your name and birth date. If you can’t attend, you can–and should!–return your ticket for a refund so it can be offered to the next person on the waitlist.

Information about all the details of the ticketing process is on the Omnibus Ticket Information Page.

As always, send your questions, comments, concerns, and thematically-appropriate ocelot pictures (but please, no bribes) to

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