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LNT Quick Start Guide

LNT Quick Start Guide

If nothing else, remember: Pack Out what you Pack In

Other seriously useful tips:
Remove all extra wrapping and packaging from items before you get to Firefly – before you even pack the car, if you can.

Bring MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) bags, and count on taking at least one full size trash bag per person back in your vehicle – industrial bags work great! If you’re planning on coming on the Burner Bus, coordinate with others to get a bag back in their vehicle – don’t leave it for others to pick up!

– If you join a camp, make sure you know who your LNT contact is. If you have questions, they should be able to provide answers – or at the very least, point you to someone who can.

– Lose something? Make a point to check the Lost and Found while at the event and again before you leave.

Smokers! Don’t toss your butts into the forest – contain them after use! Altoids containers or plastic gum containers make great ash/butt collectors and are easy to empty into a larger MOOP containers.

Reuse reuse reuse! Don’t create needless waste! Bring a refillable water bottle rather than the 24-packs.

Remind your neighbors. It’s really easy to get caught up in the idea that “somebody will take care of it” – remember, radical self reliance! Take care of your own MOOP and remind others to do the same.

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