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Smol Grants

Smol Grants are between $40 and $149, and are meant for projects of small (“smol”) size or scope. They are particularly designed to encourage creation by new participants, or participants who haven’t brought art to Firefly before, but everyone is…

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Burner Exchange Grants

Burner Exchange Grants Burner Exchange (BEX) Grants are for bringing art to Firefly that has already appeared at another burn event. Historically, BEX Grant applications have been considered for amounts up to $1,000. Grant money is expected to be applied…

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Legacy Grants

Legacy Grants The Legacy Grant is provided to support existing projects that have previously appeared at Firefly. Art can be exposed to many elements at Firefly — mud, rain, sun, and most of all, people — and this grant is…

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Creativity Grants

Creativity Grants The Creativity Grant is our primary grant, and is designed to fund creative new projects to be shared with our community during the Firefly event. Grants are currently available at the following tiers: $150 $300 $599 $1,000 $1,500…

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Temple Grants

Temple Grants The Temple aims to satisfy both civic and spiritual needs by creating a sacred gathering space at Firefly. The Temple is placed in the field and provides a space for Fireflies to seek quiet contemplation and introspection at…

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Art Grants

Art is a central part of Firefly, and the event wouldn’t be the same without the wonderful pieces that have been brought to Vermont over the years. Bringing art is a great way to add a piece of yourself to…

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